River Valley Campus

Ed and Melissa's heart (vision) is to see everybody rise up and do whatever God has gifted and called them to do in whatever realm of influence they have been given. We believe that ministry happens every day in all areas of society. When we host the presence of the Holy Spirit, the atmosphere around us changes. We long to see people in every profession begin to change the atmosphere in their work places. We also long to see the Holy Spirit invade all of the churches in the Arkansas River Valley and begin to see the love of God manifest itself here. We are excited to begin hosting the Supernatural School of Life and Ministry because we believe that this will be a tool for great personal growth for believers in this area.

  • About Ed

    Ed Creech has been in ministry in various forms for most of his adult life. He has completed Bible school and leadership programs through several churches and has served as a youth pastor, senior pastor, and intercessory prayer leader. He, with his wife Melissa, have led worship and prayer times for many churches in the Springfield, Missouri, area and in the Arkansas River Valley for about 15 years.

  • About Melissa

    Melissa Creech has been playing piano and leading worship with teams since she was 15. She has helped many worship leaders begin and jump into deeper ministry in worship. She has also taught on being naturally supernatural and the prophetic ministries in several churches. She is currently working on a Master's in Theological Studies through Crown Institute of Theological Studies.

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